Dan has extensive experience having acted in a wide range of cases alleging the possession and use of Firearms. This experience includes:

Transport, possession and supply of Firearms (as part of an OCG concerned with the use of explosives and firearms in protection of a drugs business)

Transport, possession and supply of Firearms  - alleged to be part of the same OCG in Mchale (see above)

Allegation of possession with intent of firearms (used in gang warfare).  Central issue concerned DNA and other scientific evidence

Copycat allegation (see Keating below) of Organised Crime Group said to be causing explosions to burgle ATM machines in the North of England and Scotland.

Allegation concerning kidnap and use of a firearm relating to rival drug gangs.

Represented Defendant in a retrial of a Large Scale Drugs and Firearms Criminal gang case.

Large number of firearms and ammunition recovered along with substantial amounts of Class A drugs and cash following a house search. The seizures followed an almost fatal shooting in south Manchester which led police to search the address.

Aggravated Burglary of rival drug dealer alleged mohave been committed with the use of discharged sawn off shotgun.

Widely reported case concerning a conspiracy to cause explosions to and then burgle ATMs in the Midlands, Cheshire and North-West. Dozens of ATMs were blown up. The first case of its kind anywhere in the UK.

Allegation of gang warfare involving the discharge of firearms in Central Manchester at a busy public event.

Allegations concerned a number of armed robberies of banks/building societies across Essex. Attempted murder of bystander.