Dan is currently instructed in a number of cases alleging serious violence. He has both prosecuted and defended in a number of cases including:

GBH (with Intent) and kidnap relating to the taxing of a local drug dealer.

Armed Robbery of Firearms at a private house. Victims were mother and children. Additional allegation following a shooting incident and a search of the house at which it occurred leading to charges relating to drugs and firearms offences.

Junior Counsel in alleged drug gang violence. Allegations included shooting offences, kidnap and serious violence towards rival drug family. Case involved large amount of unused material and detailed disclosure disputes.

Represented the first Defendant in a widely reported case concerning the keeping of and violence towards a “domestic slave”.

Prison inmates in allegation of attempted murder on a fellow inmate in retaliation for assisting the police, heard at Newcastle Crown Court.

Case involving armed robbery where it was alleged that firearms where discharged and hostages taken.

Leading junior counsel in case alleging “triad” kidnap, torture and extortion.