Represented over a dozen defendants facing rape allegations [2003 to present]. Issues ranging from consent to complete denial of intercourse. Of particular note, a case alleging a number of rapes by a youth (when he was aged between 11 and 14) of a victim (under the age of 11), and a matter where the defendant was a well known pop star.

Allegation against a husband accused of domestic abuse and marital rape over a number of years.

Case concerning prostitution and the running of the largest escort agency in the North of England.

Case concerning multiple allegations in relation to multiple complainants of sexual offences against boys.

Historic Allegations of grooming, indecent assaults and rape of a child.

Multiple allegations of raping a child, child cruelty and harassment (by use of the internet).

Leading junior counsel for first defendant in human trafficking/brothel/money laundering case.

Case involving human trafficking (from Eastern Europe) and rape.

Allegations concerned a nationwide paedophile ring which gave rise to the sentencing authority of R v Baldwin [2002] (EWCA Crim 2766).